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The key to success is consistency. If we’ve been disheartened by failure, today’s article will shine a light on ways to root out inconsistency, become more successful and have way more fun to boot!

To look is to learn

As a coach in empowerment, people come to me to succeed, optimize their lives and increase willpower to overcome addictions. To be and to achieve these things, they take a good look at consistency in their lives and they learn the easiest ways to become more consistent.

We’re already consistent somewhere

Consistency has results, even if they aren’t pleasant. Each of us knows how to be consistent in our own way. Maybe we’re consistently overweight. To achieve this, we consistently ate too much of the types of foods that our bodies stored. Maybe we’re consistently late. To achieve this, we might consistently overbook ourselves, not set an alarm, allow ourselves to be afraid or distracted. Maybe we’re consistently broke. To achieve this, we might consistently not apply ourselves to things that would make us money, or we spend more than we make. We can see the point.

Consistency, applied consciously and liberally, creates success

Diets usually start with great vigor—whether they’re food-free diets, drink-free diets, drug-free diets or overall “lifestyle diets,” they intend to help us flourish and be our best. However, more often than not, we start a diet (or never start it, assuming we’ll fail), and we might succeed for a day, and then forget about the diet altogether! If instead, we consistently nourish ourselves with exercise, energizing foods and rest, healthy play and meditation/prayer, we’ll create the success we crave.

Knowing “WHY” with our whole heart

When we wholeheartedly know why we want what we want, consistency comes naturally. For example, if we know we want to go hiking and there isn’t any half-hearted part of us that: would feel guilty if we went, thought we ought to be doing something somebody else wants instead, is afraid that we might injure ourselves (or someone else’s feelings) if we went, etc., WE GO HIKING. Now think about whatever diet, or goal, desire or dream we may have not achieved. If we can find where we are half-hearted, and love that part of ourselves into agreement, we will succeed. If we can’t love that part of ourselves or get it to agree, we’d best let it rest for awhile or let it go completely, so we avoid self-sabotage, struggle and probable failure.

How many of us know why we want what we want?

A little bit of self-discovery goes a long way towards success. Taking time to really get to know why we want what we want inspires us to consistently act in ways that allow us to get it. If we have current goals that we’re having trouble staying inspired to achieve, we can call in our whole heart and remember WHY we wanted to achieve this goal in the first place. Was it to take better care of our families by caring more for our OWN health? That’s an awesome and inspiring reason “why” we can take our health seriously and better nourish our mind, body and soul.

Are you wholehearted?

Tap into what you think. What does it want? Now tap into what you FEEL—does it wholeheartedly want this same thing? If yes, consistency and success will be mostly easy for you. If not, trying to achieve this will be a painful struggle of wills between your thinking and feeling—and feelings usually win. (Hence the multitude of failed diets, relationships, etc.)

Imagine success!

We can imagine how we will feel as we progress toward our goal and also how we will feel, once it is achieved. We may not feel excited while we’re juicing celery in the morning or going to lift weights, but we can definitely be excited as we imagine how good it will feel to be able to pick up grocery bags or our grandbabies with ease and how much better we will feel from the liver detoxification that the celery juice provides.

We can be our own cheerleader

It’s too much responsibility to put on other people our constant need for reassurance that we are OK, doing well and that they are proud of us. If instead, we consistently apply our own “lifestyle diet” plan, we’ll succeed and be proud of our OWN SELF. And that’s enough. We can clap for ourselves, designate daily rewards, give ourselves pep talks and be proud of who we are and what we do. That’s confidence, love and self-worth.

Are we ready to be consistent, successful and have more fun? Give these seven steps to success a go!

1. Wholeheartedly KNOW what you want (thinking and feelings match).

2. Know WHY you want it (this is our pot-of-gold-incentive at the end our already beautiful rainbow-life. It will inspire us to get out of bed and DO, even if you’re resistant).

3. Create a “lifestyle diet” that you believe in and are willing to apply (decide what needs to be added to your life, and what no longer supports your new “diet” and needs to go).

4. Apply the “diet,” CONSISTENTLY (add it to our calendars, prioritize it, do it).

5. Be patient (we wait for a rose bush to get grown before we can enjoy a rose, so enjoy each stage of your growing self, even before you blossom)!

6. Find ways to enjoy and reward yourself, EVERY day (take a bath, ride a bike, phone a friend, try a new recipe, do something FUN for YOU)!


What say ye?

How can you be more consistent? Please share with us, so we may grow in strength and willpower together …

Always with love,

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