Four boys standing on a waterfall each throwing water over their heads out of buckets, leaving arcs of water spray swirling over their heads


Most of us come into this world with an intrinsic ability to have fun. We can see it when we watch kids play with water and just about everything! If somewhere along adulthood we fell out of love with life, this article offers lighthearted ways for us to reunite with our old flame and have […]

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white background with upper right corner covered in geometric honey comb 3-d pattern on left white space labeled with the art of giving


Giving well is a fine art. It’s giving the right thing, at the right time and place, for the right reason, to the right person. In today’s article, we’ll look at ways to give to ourselves and others. Giving in an empowered way that brings more JOY. Our intention is the heart of what we […]

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Exotic woman with hibiscus in her hair, relaxing in infinity pool overlooking ocean with volcanic mountain in background


Although much has been said about the importance of “living life” to the fullest, what does that really mean? All too often, “living life to the fullest” might be defined by how much we “do.” Certainly, doing can be fun! But can we enjoy life without “doing” something to it? In today’s article, we’ll explore […]

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women in grassy field with red hair with big curls wearing a long flowing royal blue gown with part of the gown flying out of sides of gown with dark storm clouds behind her


While inspiring people to become empowered, I’ve heard many stories about how fear limits joy. When we can’t seem to find the life in our life, fear is often why! In today’s article, we’ll look at whether our fears are actually true … and how we can let some go to experience more joy. The […]

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young girl with bright red curly, frizzy hair with a large white daisy behind her right ear. she is wearing a white tshirt throwing up both arms giving two thumbs up in grassy field


Right ON! B-I-N-G-O!! WINNER!!! That’s what we want to hear! But how often does that happen … once a week, month, or lifetime? What if there could be a joyful treasure within our “wrongdoing?” In today’s article, we’ll see if we can find what’s “right” in what we’ve done “wrong” so we can revel in […]

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pale pink background with red roses along bottom and left and right sides text saying "some people grumble that roses have thorns, I am grateful that thorns have roses"


Got thorns? Life, and each of us, certainly has “thorny” attributes, however, our personal perspective about them has the power to make or break our spirit. So, where is our focus—on what’s “poking us” or on what’s flowering for us—offering beauty and fragrance? If we simply acknowledge the thorn and then apply our focus to […]

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