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Temptation can be a nearly irresistible thrill that creates a lifestyle like a rollercoaster.  One minute we’re “up,” with the excitement that comes with being tempted and taking in temptation, and the next minute we are at the bottom of that sick feeling in our gut and the regret in our heart for having done […]

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FORGIVING LIFE (GOD)- The Struggle of Forgiveness-PART 3 of 3

Part 1:Forgiving Others // Part 2:Forgiving Ourself // Part 3:Forgiving Life (God) FORGIVING LIFE (GOD) Is there anything you’re angry, hurt or blame Life/God for? Whatever it may be, that “thorn in your side” might just be your “ticket to the good life!” After years of working to inspire people to empower themselves and make […]

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FORGIVING OURSELVES- The Struggle of Forgiveness-PART 2 of 3

The Struggle of Forgiveness-Part Two of Three Part 1:Forgiving Others // Part 2:Forgiving Ourself // Part 3:Forgiving Life (God) In working with people to become empowered and make healthy choices, I have found that the biggest blocks to success are unforgiveness (of others, self and/or Life/God) and belief in unworthiness. In today’s article, we’ll take […]

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We all have moments when we doubt ourselves. We might doubt that we did or said the right thing, or that we know what to do or say. Maybe we doubt ourselves because no one agrees with us or supports a decision we are going to make. If everyone says we are wrong, could they […]

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