If you are willing to be open and do the work, you can experience the following results:

Success … Clarity … Joy

Optimal Self-Worth … Love … Hope

Happiness and Peace

Become these as you choose courage and empowerment–and release the need for: criticism, worry, doubt, fear and sabotage.

Video Vibes

Check out Video Testimonials and Inspirational Tidbits from the Willpower Guru and her workshops.  More videos posting soon!

Recommended Reading

Begin fanning your flames of inspired living–read on!

Adult Readers:

Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
Choosing to Choose by Avrom E. King
The Promise of Paradise by Jonathan Ellerby
Being Dharma by Ajahn Chah
Practical Intuition by Laura Day
The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson
Solitude: A Return to the Self by Anthony Storr
Letting Go: The Pathway to Surrender by David R. Hawkins
I Dare You! by William Danforth
Everyday Immortality by Deepak Choprah
Masters of Meditation and Miracles by Tuluku Thondup
Autobiography of a Yogi
All Religious Texts

Young Readers:

Ozette’s Destiny by Judy Pierce
Ozette’s Heartstone by Judy Pierce