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In today’s article, we’ll talk about how to bark up our own tree and prepare for success!

A little story

My hometown hosts an annual weiner-dog race across an ice rink during halftime of a hockey game. Before the race begins, owners hold their weiners like newborns while cooing over their arm-booty like mommies over newborns. It’s obvious that some dogs are calmer and more focused than others. Some dogs have practiced being in this obnoxiously-loud environment filled with screaming fans who honor their favorite hockey team by pounding the plexi-glass. It’s obvious that some owners have prepared their wieners to be cute and get lots of attention. Other owners have prepared their wieners with equipment. Some owners have prepared their wieners by taking them to practice running on ice. And some owners and their wieners are skittish, uncomfortable and unprepared.

One weiner and His Man were decked out in adventure-wear and the finest camera gear that money can buy. The weiner wore a stylish, striped sweater with a back-mounted GoPro, while the Man wore a Patagonia shirt and a Sony Pro Camcorder—in the hopes of capturing the doggie fun-run. I was curious whether the weiner and His Man had practiced any ice running. I asked, and The Man replied, “No, I didn’t have time. I’m just doing this for fun anyways.”

As the race was about to begin, The Man asked me to “hold and release” his dog at one end of the rink, while he filmed footage from the other. The Man pressed the “on” button for his weiner’s Go-Pro, then proceeded to shoe-skate across the ice to the other side, arriving just in time to start filming as we heard the officiate announce “GO!”

Like pistols, two hot wieners shot across the rink —so unerringly and without a slip, that they appeared to be running on a thin mist of air above the ice. They made a beeline for the finish as judges announced a winner in only seconds. Most of the rest of the dogs milled about the rink within three-to-five feet from their “people,” while sniffing for snacks. The weiner under my watch skidded two feet towards the finish line and paused, then turned and skated gingerly back to me.

The preparation of a weiner

The little dog in this story was highly-prepared for looking adorable and taking high-end video footage. He was not so prepared for running confidently across an ice rink.

What are we prepared for?

It would be unrealistic to expect ourselves to win a race if we’ve prepared ourselves to watch TV and do 50 daily “crunches” on Cheetos. Likewise, if we’re super-fit and run five miles a day, we’ve prepared ourselves to not finish last.

Are we preparing for what we want?

When we know what we want, we can “think backwards” and prepare daily in order to succeed. We can begin asking ourselves some questions, such as:

What do I want? What will that take? What have other people who have succeeded at this done to prepare themselves? How do I need to adjust my schedule, diet, exercise, habits and mental, emotional and spiritual being-ness and processes to support my success? How can I break down these areas of preparation and begin implementing them? When do I need to begin preparing so I can feel CONFIDENT, READY, HOPEFUL AND EXCITED ABOUT THE PROCESS? Do I want to seek professional help or coaching? And finally, how can I prepare and practice consistently?

Preparation is the basis of success!

As a coach for willpower and empowerment, there’s a recurring theme–prepared people are more confident. Preparation dismisses doubt. Prepared people know they’ve done their best and their bodies and minds are accustomed to practicing the very things that allow them to succeed. Mentally, they are ready to accept the results of their focus and actions. And they believe they can succeed!

Why we may not prepare

Subconsciously, we may not prepare so we can give ourself an excuse to fail. Growing up, we may have believed people who told us that we couldn’t succeed. Maybe no one in our family succeeded before, and none of our friends were (or are) interested in or supportive of our success.

Preparing ourselves

The only person we can change is ourself. Although we may not be encouraged by others, we can give our own self a pep talk, change our attitude and prepare anyway. Preparation can begin at any time, is worth its weight in gold, increases our self-worth, willpower and opportunities to win.

Will You?

Are you preparing yourself for success? Share your thoughts and feelings so we may grow in strength and willpower together …

Always with love,

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