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As Winnie the Pooh said, “Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something.” Not to be confused with laziness—doing “nothing” is simply being in an unstressed state of experiencing life. In this unstressed state (not-mindless-yet-not-thinking), we allow ourselves to be open and receive what’s known as intuition and divine guidance. In today’s article, we’ll take a look at how doing “nothing” is not only healthy and enjoyable, but can lead us to the “something” of our dreams!

Thinking is limited

We’ve all had problems that seem like they’ll never go away. Maybe the problem has been there so long that we don’t know what life is like without it! Think about all the thinking we’ve done about that problem. Maybe we’ve done so much thinking that we think about it all day and dream about it at night. And even with all that thinking, all we’ve got is a headache and the same problem. Thinking is rarely the answer. Why? Because thinking uses our past to come to conclusions. We might think, “this is what happened before” or “this is what she did,” or “this has worked in the past” or “I have no experience or clue what to do!” Thinking is out-going, it is our mind, searching and sending information. Thinking is like talking, it does not allow new information to enter. Thinking is akin to speaking prayers … we speak about what’s on our mind and heart, without listening to what Life/God has to say about it.

When we’re NOT thinking, we can listen

We’ve all done it—been so worried about our own thoughts that we didn’t hear what someone was saying to us. It’s nearly impossible to think and listen at the same time. On the other hand, when we quiet our thoughts, we can hear what others say.

A great example of a character who rediscovers how to listen by doing “nothing” is Christopher Robin in the Disney movie by his own name. Christopher Robin is Winnie the Pooh’s playmate who’s now all grown up. In the story, the adult Christopher Robin works at a corporation, and mistakenly buys into the idea that if he thinks about the company’s money problems long and hard enough, that he can solve them. He excuses himself from time to do “nothing” with friends, family members and himself, and substitutes “thinking” instead.

In the end, his thinking leads to stress, loss of friends, the near-loss of his marriage and daughter. Fortunately, his old friend Winnie the Pooh shows up, encourages Christopher Robin to help him do “nothing” for awhile (with much initial resistance) and he’s able to see life and the business’ money problems from the exact opposite perspective as before. The power of doing “nothing,” and NOT THINKING about the problem, produced the perfect solution.

Are we doing too much?

If we rarely feel joyful, it may be a sign that we’re doing too much. Joy is an essential element to our mental health and willingness to live. I’m not talking about the momentary picque of the fore-during-and-after-play of whatever worldly delicacy in which we choose to partake, but the kind of joy that stays with us INDEFINITELY at some level, just because we exist.

Something to consider

Do we believe that we are worthy of doing nothing? Do we believe we’re worthy to receive guidance/intuition? The more we can forgive ourselves for the past, the more worthy we will be to allow ourselves to receive. Said differently, we will receive opportunities for “nothing time” and “guidance” when we believe we deserve it. If we’ve done things that we knew were wrong, judged ourselves and now believe that we’re undeserving, here is a link to my previous article about how to learn to forgive ourselves

My experience coaching others

In coaching people to be empowered, I’ve observed that people have the ability to kick their dead-end habits to the curb and be more successful as they learn to think and do less and be open and listen more. As we come to understand that addiction and destructive behaviors stem from over-doing (often out of fear), it’s encouraging to know that the power of nothing is free and available to us at anytime.

What say ye?

How can you allow yourself to do a little “nothing” today? Please share your thoughts and feelings so we may grow in strength and willpower together …

Always with love,

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