With today’s hype and the illustrious lists of the benefits of fasting, it would seem that more people would give it a go. Yet, although I’m considered a health nut by many, I hadn’t fasted until now. Probably for the very same reason as most people—eating satisfies hunger pains and can be quite pleasurable. However, as a willpower and empowerment coach who’s recently had a painful intestinal issue that did not resolve itself with prayer, energy work and colon hydrotherapy, I decided to accept the fasting-challenge. Today’s article shares a snippet of my story, and a great link for more information on the benefits of fasting.

As I write, I’ve done 49 of a 72-hour, water-only-fast. Here’s how I decided to begin:

1. I asked intuitively if fasting was best for me. The answer was YES, for 3 days, water only (there are other methods, such as broth, intermittent such as skipping meals, no intake at all, etc.).

2. I did the research. I know that fasting cures a host of ailments.

3. I chose deeply meaningful reasons WHY I would WHOLE-HEARTEDLY COMMIT to finishing the fast (to honor the source of intuition and to honor this body-temple called “my health”).

Here’s how I’m implementing the fast, using my willpower and holding myself accountable to FINISH:

1. I scheduled time off from most personal interactions. Downtime heals.

2. I make plenty of hot water (not eating made my body temperature drop) and drink it from an inspirational mug that reminds me, “Everything is going to be AMAZING!”

3. I consciously changed my perspective on food, and look at it as POISON and TOXIC during this period.

4. I gave myself the audacious pleasure of saying NO to eating while sitting in a restaurant and reveling in the pleasurable scents, sights and sounds of food. Knowing that I am capable of saying “no” at home while alone is one thing, but knowing I can say “no” when sitting with friends who are eating and being asked by a waitress what I want to eat, and feeling proud to say, “Nothing, I’m fasting,” is another level of confidence and willpower that I can take with me the rest of my life.

5. I respect my needs and weak spots. When people invite me to do activities involving food that I knew would be overly tempting for me, I said, “Thank you, not today, but I really appreciate the offer.”

6. I rewarded myself for two things, choosing to fast and finishing the fast. Not only is the experience of fasting itself a reward, I also bought myself a Yeti cooler as a reward for choosing to fast, and plan to reward myself for finishing the fast with an amazing omelet!!!

7. I enjoy other activities! I’ve been learning things on YouTube, coloring with crayons, reorganizing my home, repotting plants, sitting quietly and enjoying the beauty of flowers, nature and my cat, and asking and listening to my Inner Guide. Finding ways to enjoy the process is immensely important. As Benjamin Hardy wrote in my favorite article on fasting:

“Yes, you can actually enjoy (the) difficulty and risk. You can embrace it because you know it’s taking you somewhere higher and better. And being in-control of the direction of your life is a satisfaction immeasurably different than indulgence …

But (fasting and willpower have results that are) even simpler than that. When you’re living a life of self-control, your health and confidence shine through. You smile more, laugh more, and are more perceptive and discerning of others. Human beings are holistic. When we’re out of alignment, it’s actually quite apparent to others. When we are in alignment, it couldn’t be more obvious. You will simply look more attractive by resonating on a higher physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual plane.”

Are you ready to rumble (and not just your tummy)?

If you’re interested in learning more about the emotional, physical and spiritual benefits of fasting, and a really cool story about his grandpa, I highly recommend following the link below and reading his article. Though he and I seem to disagree on the definition of willpower (I believe it’s applying our whole-hearted commitment to do what we know and accept is best for us, while my understanding of his definition of willpower is forcing ourselves to half-heartedly do what half of us does not want to do), his article is fantastic and has a lot to offer. Here’s the link:…/the-number-one-secret-to-superhuman…/

Will You?

I completely encourage you to start or continue your journey in wellness. Please share with us what you’re learning or have learned, so we may grow in strength and willpower together …

Always with love,

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