Black and white image of dark haired woman pointing figure at dark haired man with short sleeve white shirt with short black tie. the man is pointing his finger at himself.


Who’s fault is it, anyway? Finger-pointing is a common battle where everybody loses. Most of us can relate to being blamed, blaming others or not admitting when we are to blame. Regardless of the situation, when blame is involved, we don’t feel happy or successful. In today’s article, we’ll take a closer look at why […]

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Blue, purple, teal watercolor abstract background with saying"we can do more good by being good, than in any other way." Rowland Hill


If you’ve tried to help or teach someone who’s struggling, stubborn or in distress—only to watch them continue to select the same cycle of unhealthy choices, you may feel exasperated and ready to give up. Before throwing in the towel, you may choose to learn more about this alternative approach.  Saving your own sanity while […]

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Back view of a Young girl with blond hair in pigtail braids wearing a white tank top under blue jean overalls. walking down a tree covered path with hands behind her back


As a coach of willpower and empowerment, I am fascinated by the qualities and characteristics that allow us to increase respect for ourselves, others and life. In today’s article, we’ll take a closer look at a nine-year-old’s simple wisdom about how adults can gain respect from children. Although I generally hear from adults, I treasure […]

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light blue head and shoulders of computer person with top of head open and had line drawings of neon butterfly in head and flying ouswirls and neon bubbles floating out


We’ve all felt it: STRESS, both “good” and “bad.” We spin with emotions like excitement, anxiety, turmoil, etc. and it’s hard to experience anything else! If we’re angry, we may not notice that it’s a beautiful day. If we’re worried and someone says “I love you,” we might say “thank you,” but be too distracted […]

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Exotic woman with hibiscus in her hair, relaxing in infinity pool overlooking ocean with volcanic mountain in background


Although much has been said about the importance of “living life” to the fullest, what does that really mean? All too often, “living life to the fullest” might be defined by how much we “do.” Certainly, doing can be fun! But can we enjoy life without “doing” something to it? In today’s article, we’ll explore […]

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young girl with bright red curly, frizzy hair with a large white daisy behind her right ear. she is wearing a white tshirt throwing up both arms giving two thumbs up in grassy field


Right ON! B-I-N-G-O!! WINNER!!! That’s what we want to hear! But how often does that happen … once a week, month, or lifetime? What if there could be a joyful treasure within our “wrongdoing?” In today’s article, we’ll see if we can find what’s “right” in what we’ve done “wrong” so we can revel in […]

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