White flawless Lily floating among lily pads and reeds with sunrays pouring over


To be enlightened means to be freed from ignorance and misinformation. The term may be applied to all sorts of things, from doing the dishes to spiritual awareness. Enlightenment is when we know the truth of something that we didn’t know before! If you’ve ever wondered if you could become more spiritually enlightened and “connected,” […]

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pale pink background with red roses along bottom and left and right sides text saying "some people grumble that roses have thorns, I am grateful that thorns have roses"


Got thorns? Life, and each of us, certainly has “thorny” attributes, however, our personal perspective about them has the power to make or break our spirit. So, where is our focus—on what’s “poking us” or on what’s flowering for us—offering beauty and fragrance? If we simply acknowledge the thorn and then apply our focus to […]

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