All Willpower services are private and confidential.

Initial Consultation (first time only)

Available by phone and Skype. Take the first step in discovery of an easy way to a healthier lifestyle. Discuss options for your current situation. Learn more about the Willpowerful process. Call 865-385-3850 to schedule.

Private Sessions

Available by phone, Skype and in person. Are you ready and willing to strengthen your willpower? If so, private sessions will help you gently uncover deeper thoughts, feelings and patterns that drive you to sabotage. End feelings of regret, guilt and shame. Learn what it takes to make your best choices and stick with them–guaranteed.

$350/session – Register

Personalized, Willpowerful Plans

30-60-and-90 day Willpowerful Plans are customized specifically to your needs and provide action steps to help you avoid sabotage before it happens. This clear guide will help you to navigate or bypass tough willpower struggles so you can implement your best life. Register for a Private Consultation (above) to learn more about a personalized Willpowerful Plan that is customized for you.


Receive email, text and call support through your willpower struggles between hours of 12p-5p M-F. Save yourself from sabotage by utilizing support.  To learn more about the support available to you during willpower struggles, register for a Private Consultation (above).

Combination Plans

Combination plans provide workshops, support, personalized Willpowerful Plans and consultations in timeframes of three months, six months and one year. Register for a Private Consultation (above) to learn more.

MaxEmpowered Being

Becoming a MaxEmpowered Being is not for the beginner or faint of heart. MaxEmpowered individuals know their highest purpose and are absolutely accountable for applying willpower to this achievement. MaxEmpowered training results in realizing the full strength of your focused willpower and the ability to apply it in any situation, assuring solid, consistent and congruent actions. Discover self-sufficiency without neediness; Know freedom without dependency.  To express interest in becoming MaxEmpowered, register for a Private Consultation (above).

Charitable Sessions

If you are determined to make positive change in your character, yet your finances do not allow you to participate in one or more of our programs, please submit your application below and we will assess the best and most effective way to help you or your organization. Lack of money is not a reason to not move forward–together, we’ll find a way.

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