Increase willpower and reduce suffering.

About Willpower

Willpower, in its highest form, is the use of our free will to choose what is best. Willpower is the deep, inner strength that allows us to act in ways that are contrary to desires and fears (such as to lose weight, quit smoking or refrain from unhealthy behavior).

Self-love is actively caring for one’s own happiness and best and is essential for willpower. The greater the self-love, the stronger the willpower. Strong willpower requires that one love one’s self by actively choosing to listen, accept and love all thoughts, feelings and life.

Strong self-love and willpower result in thoughts and feelings of acceptance, understanding and joy.  It provides the “inner support system” that gives us the freedom to cull, hone and direct thoughts and feelings and choose what is best.

About Will You

Will You is a company created to serve the world by means of increasing awareness within humanity of their full being, potential and power. Once this awareness is increased, we support individual empowerment so people can fully apply their energy to fulfilling their dreams, destiny and conscience.

About Angelique

Angelique’s goal is to inspire people to hone their willpower and intuition.


Angelique writes inspiring, thought-provoking articles for newspapers, magazines and blogs.  She is an accomplished motivational speaker and Life Coach since 2006, and can personally connect to both large and small audiences on a variety of subjects, including but not limited to: how to discover answers, knowingness and intuition, increasing self-esteem, recognizing and releasing denial, ending guilt and shame, increasing self-love and focussing willpower.

By connecting with and loving people, she understands their struggles, shares insights, tips and tools and assists them to discover and harness their own inner strength and direct their willpower for the highest good.

Angelique chooses to explore and examine life, with the intention of living fully, truthfully, joyfully, and without guilt or regret.  A firm believer in Socrates’ statement that, “The unexamined life is not worth living,” she knows from experience that, through examining life, asking questions, listening, receiving insight and answers and taking action to make our best choices, we can overcome our obstacles, fears, trials and limitations.

She believes that in order to examine life and discover its answers, we must first ask good questions. Sound answers are available to those who seek in earnestness. Her ability to ask questions, listen and receive answers has given her the ability to accomplish what some have deemed impossible.

Angelique began life with awareness beyond the physical. This awareness prompted her to know when family members and friends were in need or would pass and predict future events and trends. She has been given plentiful opportunities to know that this physical existence that the world calls “reality” is only a very small part of the truth of what is real.

In 2012, prodded by dreams and guidance that she chose not to ignore, she took a three-month sabbatical to begin writing a book. She simultaneously addressed her concept of identity, her “self/lack thereof,” and meditated daily to gain insight and release fears. Her trust in Life and Heart-Mind was and is her grounding principle for maintaining centered presence.

In 2014, she took a second, three months’ sabbatical in the forest on Hunting Island, SC. There, she finished writing her first book, Be Willpowerful, while meditating and addressing “shadow work,” releasing her limiting beliefs.

Angelique’s background as a successful business owner and television show host for HGTV, DIY and the Travel Channel laid the foundation for her to begin creating an interview-style television show, which is currently in development. Programs will feature candid conversations with inspirational people and celebrities, their feats of willpower and what they had to overcome in order to succeed.

Angelique is currently working on her second book, Sabotage Meets Love (a memoir) and is beginning founding Will YOUniversity, an online education and support system that provides tools, classes, and support to hone willpower and intuition within humanity.