With today’s hype and the illustrious lists of the benefits of fasting, it would seem that more people would give it a go. Yet, although I’m considered a health nut by many, I hadn’t fasted until now. Probably for the very same reason as most people—eating satisfies hunger pains and can be quite pleasurable. However, […]

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The key to success is consistency. If we’ve been disheartened by failure, today’s article will shine a light on ways to root out inconsistency, become more successful and have way more fun to boot! To look is to learn As a coach in empowerment, people come to me to succeed, optimize their lives and increase […]

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We’ve all heard someone say positive words while internally sensing that the person is thinking and/or feeling the opposite. This disconnect between internal thoughts and feelings and external words and actions leads to mixed messages and mistrust from listeners. When we’re afraid of what we think or feel, we may cover it up with positive […]

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