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Temptation can be a nearly irresistible thrill that creates a lifestyle like a rollercoaster.  One minute we’re “up,” with the excitement that comes with being tempted and taking in temptation, and the next minute we are at the bottom of that sick feeling in our gut and the regret in our heart for having done […]

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Proof positive Willpower is within each of us. It is the greatest of our innate abilities and inalienable rights. By observing life, we can see this truth. When we were conceived, we received the “gift” of POWER that gave us life. We also received the “gift” of power to do with life as we WILL. […]

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fine stalks of grass on black background with words to get out of debt. also with, reflect & change your lifestyle.


Whether we owe a little or a lot, debt weight may be common, but certainly not carefree to carry. In today’s world, debt shows itself everywhere—from our nation to our neighbors, and seems “normal”.  Google stats show America currently has over 20 trillion dollar debt and the “average American household” owes nearly $135 thousand dollars.  […]

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