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WHO ARE YOU??-In Search of the Truth-PART 2 of 3

TO READ PART 1 of WHO ARE YOU?? TRUTH OR SNARE go to:  https://www.willyou.guru/truth-or-snare-part-1-of-2/

The second of this three-part series entitled, “In Search of the Truth,” is about knowing the true you. How well do any of us know ourselves? And do we like what we know? Could we know and like ourselves more? What would change if we did? If the spiritual passage, “to know is to love,” is true—then the more we know about anything, including ourselves, the more we will love anything, including ourselves (and all else). In this world of unrest, a whole lotta love sounds like just what we need! If you agree, read on to discover the perfect Treasure Mapmantra to find your buried truths!

Our “I-fi” connection

Although we can connect with anyone at any time across the world through our mobile devices, most of us could be more connected with “I-fi,” aka. ourselves. We feel signs of disconnect: general irritation and discontent with life, anxiety, fear, anger and a host of ailments that make life difficult, sad and ugly. To test the strength of our “I-fi” connection, we can answer yes or no to the following three-question quiz:

1) Am I proud of all of me?
2) Could I truthfully and confidently share everything I did last month with my mentor or mother?
3) Am I happy when I am alone (in your own company)?

How did you answer? Possibly, a teeny-tiny handful of us truly answered “yes” to all three questions. If you are one of these people, you are deeply connected to yourself, have no need to hide anything and accept and enjoy life to its maximum capacity. Most of us, on the other hand, answered “no” to one or more of the questions. This means that our connection to ourselves goes in and out, depending on our location and with whom we are involved. We sometimes lie, cheat, hide, deny and punish ourselves and could enjoy ourselves and life more—but judge and fear not! We can build and increase our “I-fi” connection by following one of the Treasure Mapmantras below …

What are Treasure Mapmantras:

Treasure Mapmantras are insight-provoking statements or questions that we allow to soak into our very souls. By choosing and following one of the Mapmantras below, our hearts and minds can uncover truth-treasures that may have been long-buried. Once truth-treasure is found, accepted and applied, we love ourselves and life more fully!

Ready, set, select ONE Treasure Mapmantra:

How do I feel?
What do I think?

Whichever Treasure Mapmantra you choose, write it on a pretty piece of paper and put it where you will see it every day, many times a day. Also, ask it of yourself, internally, as often as you can remember, every day. And, add alarms on your phone to alert you of your Mapmantra on every waking hour. I recommend following your Treasure Mapmantra for at least one week and as long as it helps build your connection to your feelings and thoughts.

My first Treasure Mapmantra

“How do I feel,” was my first Treasuremap Mantra. I had taken on so many hurts in life that I buried most all of my feelings. A trusted counselor pointed out the fear she saw in my eyes and said, “Angelique, you need to address your old feelings—they aren’t going to go away just because you are strong enough to keep a positive attitude and think good thoughts. They will be there until you feel them fully, and then you can let them go.” After I hung up the phone with her and thought about the idea of having to revisit old feelings, I got angry. I thought, “Haven’t I been through enough already? I had to go through the experience!” I stayed angry and resisted the idea of “feeling my feelings” for at least a week. Then, I realized that when I shut out the bad feelings from the memories, I also shut out portions of all feelings. I realized that I didn’t feel hunger, I didn’t feel pain, I didn’t feel heat, I felt none of these–until they were extreme. My body suffered, I had the onset of a premature autoimmune disease and very low blood sugar.

After accepting all this, I realized that by shutting out my “old, bad” feelings, I also shut out a portion of my health and happiness today. From that day forward, every day and as often as I could remind myself, I would ask myself, “How do I feel?” Some moments I felt thirsty. Who knew? (not me!) Some moments I felt tired and could decide if I would make time to rest. Some moments I felt deep gratitude and tears. Some moments I feel sadness and took time to myself somewhere to “let out a little pressure.” Anyway, over time, I actually started feeling more of what was happening NOW, in the today moment, instead of just the intense pressure of the holding in of all the feelings of my past. And the ability to feel things now, as they happen, has allowed me to be present, to forgive, love and enjoy myself, others and life more. Even ten years after I spoke my first Treasure Mapmantra, I still ask myself “How do I feel?” whenever I experience stress—and I STILL find new truth-treasures!

So you might be asking one of these questions …

“How can I know which Treasure Mapmantra is for me—how do I feel or what do I think?”
You will know which Mapmantra is for you by noticing the sensations that occur in your body while reading it. Whichever mantra made your insides turn a bit, made you: groan, roll your eyes, sigh, or realize, “I don’t know!” … that’s your mantra!

“What the heck will this mantra-thing do for me?”

If you’re wondering how it works, it’s like this: every time you bring the Mapmantra to mind, you are planting word-seeds in parts of yourself that are ripe manure. What grows out of it will be treasure-filled answers that make life blossom for you and yours. What have you got to lose? It’s free and easier than lifting weights … just make it a habit by repeating the Mapmantra. What you learn might be simple or deep—it’s whatever you need. For example, if your Mapmantra is “How do I feel?” you might ask yourself and realize, “Hey, my back hurts!” Being aware of this fact allows you to choose to care for your back in the best way for you.

“How long should I follow the Treasure Mapmantra?”

When you already know the answer to the question before you’ve asked, the map is in your mind. It’s helped you connect to the feeling and thinking parts of yourself and you are ready to move on. If life happens and you disconnect, you can always access your Treasure Mapmantra and apply it at any time. You may add or replace the Mapmantra you choose today with the other Mapmantra at any time, and revel in the treasures you find there.

Trash or Treasure?

How do we know if we’ve found buried trash or treasure? We can tune into our senses. If we feel stuck, confused, afraid, weak, uncertain and/or lost, we’ve found TRASH. Just consider it a “dead end,” let it go and keep with the Mapmantra until treasures surface … because they will!

If we “strike inner treasure,” it will feel amazing. We may feel a “wash” of inner peace, or butterflies of excitement. We may feel a courage and strength like a superhero. We may feel a welling up of joy-filled tears of thanks. We may feel relief and a sense of replacing a fear with truth. We may inhale a deep, subconscious sigh and a sense of knowingness. We may just think, “Holy of holies, that’s amazing. That’s it! Wow!” Whatever we feel, think, sense or know, once we’ve found that part of our buried treasure-self, we and our lives will forever be changed for the better!

Trusted tools for finding more Treasure

Every treasure hunt is made more successful with good tools. Use the following four in every interaction (with ourselves and others) to transform dogmatic-life-drudgery into bouquets of sweet-life-reality for everyone to enjoy.

Tool #1: CURIOSITY. Become inquisitive and curious about magnificent, multi-faceted You and Life. It’s okay to ask questions and not know the answer yet.

Tool #2: PERSPECTIVE. Observe how you respond to the Mapmantra question. How do you behave? Without judging, observe that you are not your behavior and can change it when you are ready.

Tool #3: RECEIVE. Listen and accept all information and treasures.

Tool #4: APPLY. With discernment, learn and apply treasures to everyday life, every single day.

Are you ready to find your Truth-Treasures??

In working with people to hone their willpower, I’ve found that when we know the truth-treasure of our feelings, thoughts and who we are, we allow ourselves the opportunity to courageously stand for that. By making choices, even seemingly small ones—in our truth, we build willpower and become more successful, pleasant, popular, peaceful, kind and loving. I hope you feel inspired to choose and follow a Treasure Mapmantra today!!!

What say ye?

Which Treasure Mapmantra question do you choose and why? Please share your thoughts and feelings so we may learn, grow and celebrate our “truth-treasures” together …

Always with love,

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