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Desire—it’s what drives us to act. In and of itself, it simply adds movement to life. The question is, where is your desire driving you?

What do you desire?

More money? More pleasure? More time? More attention? More love? Hold your desire in mind as we discover where it’s driving you.

Let’s say, for example, that you desire chocolate.

You stop at the gas station and buy four bars. You eat the first. Is the desire gone? Let’s say it isn’t and you eat the second bar, and maybe the third and fourth. Did the second, third or fourth bar taste better than the first? No. Is the desire fulfilled after the fourth bar? Your stomach may be full, but your desire may still linger like a wild and rabid beast.

You can apply this same formula to your desires.

Do you desire alcohol? Does the second, third, or fourth glass of alcohol taste better than the first? No. Is the desire fulfilled after the fourth glass? No. Do you desire sex? Does the second, third or fourth round feel better than the first? No. Is the desire fulfilled after the fourth round? No.

This formula helps us to see that although we can continue to act on this desire, it is still there, aching for more. It cannot be fulfilled, and in fact, leads to physical and psychological death.

To continue with our example of the chocolate bar, feeding the body too much sugar can cause heart disease and cancer (USA Today, Feb 4, 2014). And, toxic levels of sugar can lead to death, as it did with a nine year old boy (Montreal Gazette, Jan 23, 1971). Psychologically, feeding ourselves too much sugar destroys our self-worth and our belief in a healthy future, leading to despair and possibly suicide. Take another look at your desire. Does it lead to disease, death, destruction and despair?

Deep down, we know that this type of desire isn’t what we need—we’re just pretending.

We’ve all had that conversation, either in our own mind or with someone else. It’s that conversation where we tell our sad story, and the response is “I know I should, but.” Then we explain why we’re going to keep feeding our destructive desires. The fact is, each of us knows what we need to do to heal, but we aren’t willing. We’d rather pretend that we don’t know, so we can keep on with our nonsense addictions and then feel sorry for ourselves. But there’s always that part of us that knows that we’re full of it and that we could do better.

Our deepest desire.

What we truly need is to fulfill our deepest desire, the one at the bottom of the well of our soul. This desire is a treasure long buried in our sea of insecurities. It shape shifts and seems so out of reach when we grasp for it through the world’s glamorous goods, pursuing fruitless pleasures. Our deepest desire is simple and profound—to be united with ourself and life. We long to be free of the bondage of inconsistency, and live to our maximum potential. Simply said, we want to live fully and fully live. We desire to know that we belong, that life is meaningful and that our existence and contribution is valuable. THIS DESIRE, OUR DEEPEST DESIRE, DRIVES US TOWARD LIFE.

So, which road will you take? Are you ready to turn away from your deadly desires and let your deepest desire drive you towards life and greatness?

If so, consider applying these three steps liberally and repeat.

Step 1
Own your game. Have you been pretending consciously or unconsciously that you “can’t help” your destructive behavior? Owning it will lead to understanding why you do it. Usually, it’s to entertain laziness and fear of the unknown.

Step 2
Feel and receive everything in life, exactly as it is. Begin with yourself. Know that you are enough, your love is enough, your body is enough, your brains are enough, your bank account is enough and your stuff is enough.

Step 3
Give yourself the gift of being your best. You already know what you need to do. Apply it.

What do you have to say about this? Where are your desires driving you? Which roads could you take that add life to your life? Please share your thoughts and feelings as we grow in life together.

Always with love,

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Chris O

August 22, 2016 at 2:41 pm - Reply

Beautifully written and stated. Could this blog post be one of my desires as I want to read it more than 4 times??? 😉

You are so amazing, thank you for being such a bright soul sharing your light and helping others find their way ma’am. Keep up the great work and let’s talk soon. I want to talk book writing with you.

Sending great energy your way lil sis

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