Black and white image of dark haired woman pointing figure at dark haired man with short sleeve white shirt with short black tie. the man is pointing his finger at himself.


Who’s fault is it, anyway? Finger-pointing is a common battle where everybody loses. Most of us can relate to being blamed, blaming others or not admitting when we are to blame. Regardless of the situation, when blame is involved, we don’t feel happy or successful. In today’s article, we’ll take a closer look at why […]

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Four boys standing on a waterfall each throwing water over their heads out of buckets, leaving arcs of water spray swirling over their heads


Most of us come into this world with an intrinsic ability to have fun. We can see it when we watch kids play with water and just about everything! If somewhere along adulthood we fell out of love with life, this article offers lighthearted ways for us to reunite with our old flame and have […]

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young girl with bright red curly, frizzy hair with a large white daisy behind her right ear. she is wearing a white tshirt throwing up both arms giving two thumbs up in grassy field


Right ON! B-I-N-G-O!! WINNER!!! That’s what we want to hear! But how often does that happen … once a week, month, or lifetime? What if there could be a joyful treasure within our “wrongdoing?” In today’s article, we’ll see if we can find what’s “right” in what we’ve done “wrong” so we can revel in […]

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So many gifts for us—like rays of sunshine! We’re given a lot in this life. Right off the bat we get a body, a cute little one that generally works like a charm. We get air to breathe, a planet that consistently supplies food, shelter and beauty, a sun to warm, weather to nourish, and […]

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Are you pleased with YOURSELF (in a good way)? Sound crazy? Well read on to discover how inner-appreciation can be an antidote to addiction … Why wait to be appreciated by someone else? Although others may not appreciate you or what you do, what is most important (and what we’re left with at the end […]

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blue and orange sky with whispy dark clouds with words finding freedom


Independence: Be Free or Not too Free! Is the American Way of freedom the right to indulge our cravings? “Hey!” we might say, “I work hard, I’ve had a hard day and I deserve it!” “I can spend money on what I want, eat until I bust, drink until I’m numb, and take whoever I […]

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