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We’ve all felt it: STRESS, both “good” and “bad.” We spin with emotions like excitement, anxiety, turmoil, etc. and it’s hard to experience anything else! If we’re angry, we may not notice that it’s a beautiful day. If we’re worried and someone says “I love you,” we might say “thank you,” but be too distracted to fully receive the love they’re sending. And if we’re excited or desirous of something, we might be so focused on getting what we want, that we “tune out” the people who try to talk sense to us! Same goes for intuition. Although it may be “speaking” to us regularly, we may be so caught up in our stressful thoughts and feelings that we are unable to get the message. In today’s article, we’ll take a closer look at stress and ways to free ourselves to receive intuitive guidance.

Stress is like static

Like getting static while trying to tune in to a radio station, stress blocks our ability to clearly receive intuitive messages. When we allow worrisome or fearful thoughts to inundate our mind and feelings of fear, inadequacy or doubt fill our bodies, our innermost self is saying to intuition, “I got this. I’m doing everything I can. I’m working on it, I’m thinking about it, I’m feeling about it. I don’t need your help. I’m busy.” Whether this is conscious or not doesn’t matter—this is what our beings vibrate. Meanwhile, although we’ve blocked our ability to receive with “static-y” thoughts and feelings, intuition continues to provide information to us, should we choose to relax and awaken to receive.

What is stress?

Stress is when we believe that something should be different than it is. Stress happens when we believe that we should be farther ahead, that we should be going faster or slower, that someone (or we) should be behaving differently that they (we) are, that something shouldn’t be happening. We are stressed when we are not accepting ourself, others or Life, as it is.


When we allow ourselves to completely accept ourself, others and Life, we will seldom be stressed unless under dire circumstances. This doesn’t mean that we can’t better ourselves or the life that surrounds us. It does, however, mean that we can choose to kindly accept ourself for who we are NOW, and as we continue to change. No need for harsh words to ourselves or others when we accept that we are doing our best and living life.

Ready to reduce stress and receive more guidance?

If we’re ready to let go of stress and start receiving more intuitive messages, we can do the following:

1) Learn to relax.

Yes, relaxing is a choice. Easier said than done if we are judging that we’re not enough. Although stress may creep in to our lives, a life lived without regular regard and support for the choice to relax and experience life without stress, can lead to major health problems, unfulfilled dreams, misery and escapism through addictive behaviors. Instead of stressing ourselves out, we can relax. How can we do that? Read on.

Say this mantra, “I willingly release the need to hold stress in this body.” Say it, then wait a minute or so to feel what happens. Often, an area of the body will “release” and relax that was previously holding stress. Sometimes, we don’t realize that we are holding stress, and we learn more about ourselves and our bodies as we continue saying this mantra as often as possible, enjoying the results. After awhile, we may even be able to stop stress as we begin to feel stress/tension growing in the body. This allows us to release the stress before it builds further.

2) Choose to trust life and ourselves

Seriously, we got this far. Why worry? It doesn’t fix anything. It makes us feel bad and it blocks our ability to receive intuitive guidance. That’s reason enough. Trust is a choice.

3) Be grateful for life and ourselves.

Gratitude cures many maladies, including stress. There’s no time to focus on worry, doubt, hurt or anger when we’re being grateful. And there’s oh-so-much to be grateful for! It can be helpful and inspiring to make a list. We might include things like breath, air, food, water, heat, breezes, beauty, health, or the ability to love, learn, read, etc.. We can also restart fresh every morning before getting up and every night before sleep, by naming at least five things we’re grateful for.

**** Bonus: By being internally grateful, we also radiate this gratitude onto everyone and everything in our world. As we begin to receive more intuitive messages and courageously act on them, we will also become beacons to others for stress-less, intuitive living.

Other ways to help us clear our physical, emotional and spiritual being to receive intuitive guidance:

4) Eat healthfully
5) Sleep enough and well
6) Exercise
7) Do a cleanse, detox and/or get “clean”
8) Commune with nature
9) Allow quiet time once or more daily to focus on breath and awareness, meditation/prayer
10) Do what is best, so we can live without regret

Something to consider

Do we believe that we are worthy of living without stress? Could we be punishing ourselves by burning the candle at both ends? The more we can forgive ourselves for the past, the more worthy we will be to allowing ourselves to receive intuitive guidance. Said differently, we will be ready to receive guidance when we believe we deserve it. If we’ve done things that we knew were wrong, judged ourselves and now believe that we aren’t worthy, here is a link to my previous article about how to learn to forgive ourselves

My personal experience

Like many of us, I’ve blocked myself from receiving guidance. It wasn’t until I realized that I was never going to have more communication with life unless I started communicating more. So I started talking to Life/God about everything, from “What is best for me to eat for breakfast?” to “What’s best for me to wear?” to “Is it best for me to go on a date with this man?” My previous way of communicating was to only communicate with Life/God after I had applied lots of effort and strain to do everything myself, and I was at my “wit’s end.”

As I accepted that I was just as worthy to talk to life about the “little things” (which are actually and often “big”) as I was to talk about the “big things,” my trust in myself and Life/God grew. I learned to set boundaries, to say no to things that added stress (overwork) or kept me from being open to intuition (overthinking). As I made more time for health, rest, relaxation, joy and prayer/meditation, and followed through on the guidance I received, the more the guidance came. And, the more confident I became in trusting life to continue to provide guidance. I also learned to trust myself to protect my state of mind and body so that I could allow myself to receive.

My experience coaching others

In coaching people to be empowered, I’ve observed that people have the ability to kick their dead-end habits to the curb as they learn to be truly open to and courageously follow intuitive guidance. People who once thought that they “couldn’t” get guidance, or were “afraid” of the truth of the guidance and how their lives might change, have become some of the fiercest advocates for stress-less living that’s directed by intuitive guidance. Anyone can hone their ability to be intuitive. To paraphrase the famous dharma teacher, Ajahn Chah, “What is clean may be made dirty. What is dirty may be made clean. It is our choice.

Below are a few questions that can lead to intuitive breakthroughs. During a quiet moment, ask these questions internally, and then LET THEM GO. Do not think, feel, wonder or worry about the answer. Answers will come in good timing, settling into your heart/mind like an “ah-ha gift,” that you will know that it is true.

Question #1: What do I need to know?

This open-ended question allows us to receive guidance in whatever area is deemed most critical (that we may not be consciously aware of).

Question #2: What is best for me in this situation?

Sometimes we just don’t want to know, be or do what is best. If that’s the case, we may block our ability to receive guidance so we can continue misbehaving. When this rebellious behavior becomes boring, deadly or such that we’re ready to listen, asking this question is an awesome way to help hone our best self.

Question #3: How CAN I be a better receiver of intuitive guidance?

Instead of thinking of all the reasons we CAN’T receive intuitive guidance—like “I don’t have that gene,” or “I don’t have time,” “the kids needs are more important,” or “I have to work,” we can simply “ask and (we) shall receive” guidance.

If we feel guilty or have a hard time allowing ourselves to receive intuitive guidance, we can learn about how to receive more here

What say ye?

Please share your thoughts and feelings so we may grow in strength and willpower together …

Always with love,

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