Woman standing with arms opened wide and chest to the sun, head thrown back hair slicked back. When you do not seek or need external approval you are at your most powerful


During these weeks before the holidays, we may be dashing store-to-store and door-to-door, trying to give the perfect gifts, create an idyllic home environment and visit everyone on our “list.” Keeping ourselves centered can be challenging. To keep our cool and enjoy our holidays more, Let’s consider how some empowered people handle their holidays.

Empowered people…

shop, give gifts and visit people because they want to. –They do not do things out of obligation.

Empowered people find ways to lovingly speak up for themselves and their truth. –They do not pretend.

And empowered people behave in ways that benefit the greater good (aka follow the will of God). Sometimes this means taking quiet time away from the holiday hustle. –They do not seek other’s approval.

Empowered people know that they are sharing their very best with the world and others, and that is more than good enough and in perfect timing. Empowered people know that their sane, loving approach to life is the best gift they can give to themselves, others and the world. –They do not let other people’s dramas and deadlines affect their sanity.

In closing, it is my wish that this holiday season be our most enjoyable EVER. May we take a break or rest when needed. Let us courageously say “yes” or “no” and mean what we’ve said. May we be proud of our choices. May we choose to care for ourselves in ways that are best for us. And may we choose to care for others in ways that are best for them. May we give gifts that the receiver wants. May we choose to be the joy of experiencing love and peace wherever we are, and enjoy this most amazing gift called Life.

Always with love,
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