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black background with words sometimes, what we want isn't whats best for us.

What we WANT, what we NEED and what’s BEST

Sometimes, we want conflicting things. We might think we want a good marriage, yet feel we want a spicy affair. We might think we want to be on a diet, yet feel that we want to eat a gallon of ice cream. Knowing what we want—even when we want conflicting things, helps us get to […]

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hand writing on glass what do you want?

WHAT DO YOU WANT??-In Search of the Truth-PART 3 of 3

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmivKyEY1Dk WHAT DO YOU WANT??-Part 3 of 3-In Search of the Truth TO READ– WHAT DO YOU WANT? PART 1 of 3 GO TO:  http://www.willyou.guru/what-do-you-want TO READ– WHO ARE YOU? PART 2 of 3 GO TO:  http://www.willyou.guru/who-are-you   This is the third of a three-part series entitled, “In Search of the Truth.” Part One shed light upon […]

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hand writing in marker who are you??? with you underlined two lines

WHO ARE YOU??-In Search of the Truth-PART 2 of 3

TO READ PART 1 of WHO ARE YOU?? TRUTH OR SNARE go to:  http://www.willyou.guru/truth-or-snare-part-1-of-2/ The second of this three-part series entitled, “In Search of the Truth,” is about knowing the true you. How well do any of us know ourselves? And do we like what we know? Could we know and like ourselves more? What would […]

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black space like background with the words in search of the truth

TRUTH OR SNARE?-In Search of the Truth-PART 1 of 3

TO READ– WHO ARE YOU? PART 2 of 3 GO TO:  http://www.willyou.guru/who-are-you TO READ– WHAT DO YOU WANT? PART 3 of 3 GO TO:  http://www.willyou.guru/what-do-you-want Over the past three weeks, we’ve discussed the painful effects of untruth in all its forms: denial, pretending, avoidance and half-truths. After reviewing all the disastrous results: low self-esteem, unfulfilling relationships, heartbreak, […]

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Can we enjoy life more?  Would life be better if we worked less and had more money? If we got fit and lost 20 pounds? If we had a nicer house and car? Would life be better if it was different? The positive side of not enjoying life “right now as it is,” is that […]

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woman holding paper up in front of face it says i can't keep pretending


My sweet and sometimes sinister young mentee called this week, bursting to share the joy of her “healthiest relationship ever.” After ten years of hearing stories and mentoring her through fear and disempowerment, she sounded surprisingly solid. She went on to exclaim, “We tell each other everything now! We’ve gotten past that big hurdle. You […]

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