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a small child's hand holding on to the finger of a large man's hand. with the words "the important influence of a father should not be underrated."


Regardless how perfect, ordinary or tragic our childhood, our parents placed an indelible mark on who we are: our DNA, strengths and weaknesses, hopes and dreams, beliefs of what’s possible, level of self-confidence and even our hope for the future. In today’s article, we’ll explore how to pick up the reigns where our fathers left […]

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Four boys standing on a waterfall each throwing water over their heads out of buckets, leaving arcs of water spray swirling over their heads


Most of us come into this world with an intrinsic ability to have fun. We can see it when we watch kids play with water and just about everything! If somewhere along adulthood we fell out of love with life, this article offers lighthearted ways for us to reunite with our old flame and have […]

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Blue, purple, teal watercolor abstract background with saying"we can do more good by being good, than in any other way." Rowland Hill


If you’ve tried to help or teach someone who’s struggling, stubborn or in distress—only to watch them continue to select the same cycle of unhealthy choices, you may feel exasperated and ready to give up. Before throwing in the towel, you may choose to learn more about this alternative approach.  Saving your own sanity while […]

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a view of the thin, side view of a bright green leaf. with a large water droplet on the end with reflective green through it. and the word Resurrection


If we feel like we’re “stuck,” getting the “short end of the stick” or simply don’t like the life we’re living, this may be the perfect moment to “get down” with our old, “bad” self and say goodbye. Could there be a new “us” waiting … hoping that we’ll rise up and live again? In […]

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The back view of two men leaning their heads on each others. overlay of a lined drawing of a brain over the left man and part of his brain swirls spilling into and filling part of the right man's empty brain.


Do you go out of your way to help people, only to find that they are upset or disappointed? If so, you are not alone. Even the best of intentions may not end with the result we hope. In today’s article, we’ll discuss what’s really going on in these sometimes baffling and frustrating situations. Warning: […]

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Woman standing with arms opened wide and chest to the sun, head thrown back hair slicked back. When you do not seek or need external approval you are at your most powerful


During these weeks before the holidays, we may be dashing store-to-store and door-to-door, trying to give the perfect gifts, create an idyllic home environment and visit everyone on our “list.” Keeping ourselves centered can be challenging. To keep our cool and enjoy our holidays more, Let’s consider how some empowered people handle their holidays. Empowered […]

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