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We all have moments when we doubt ourselves. We might doubt that we did or said the right thing, or that we know what to do or say. Maybe we doubt ourselves because no one agrees with us or supports a decision we are going to make. If everyone says we are wrong, could they be right?

Well, yes, it’s possible … so I like to put other people’s advice into my “databank” of learning. I don’t need to be right, but I also don’t need to be wrong. Sometimes, after reflecting on the advice, I change my mind. Other times, I go with my gut. Yesterday was profound, proof-positive, that going with my gut pays off.

For almost twelve years, I’ve had the giddy pleasure of driving a classic 1967 Cadillac Deville convertible, called Carisma. I took excellent, loving care of her, washed and waxed her myself, pampered her and always let her sleep in a garage. In return, she gave countless children and old men reason to point their finger and shout, “Look at that car!” She also gave me many, unforgettable memories. Like sunny, cross-country trips to South Carolina while wearing a scarf and waving vibrantly after breezing by honking truckers, exquisite feelings, like of the warm wind as it whipped stress from my hair and playfully caressed my skin, thoughts of nothing, breaths as deep and wide as the ocean and smiles and squeals for no and every reason. She gave me a gigantic reminder of the *fun* in life!

Recently, the time came when I intuitively “knew” that Carisma should be sold asap and at a specific price. Sometimes, I “know” by receiving guidance through prayer, meditation and my senses. What makes this story more than an ordinary sale of a car, is the faith that was required for me to follow through on what I “knew.”

My obstacles to faith …

First, I really didn’t “want” to sell the car. I selfishly enjoyed keeping her, she held a lot of history, and was free and clear of debt. She was “mine.” It would take great faith on my part to let go of the pleasure, history and ego attached to “having” her.

Second, no one believed that the car could sell at the price I “knew” intuitively would work—including a man who has worked in the classic car industry for more than 40 years. My asking price was three times more than any of his buyers would pay. It would take great faith on my part to choose to list the car at the price I knew was right, even while surrounded by doubters.

Third, it would also take great faith to attract the right buyer, one who would both appreciate her and be willing to pay the price that reflected that appreciation—the asking price.

I chose faith over doubt.

Without speaking about my choice, making a fuss or complaining about what I “knew” I needed to do, I just went ahead and listed the car on classiccars.com, at the price I knew was right. Four weeks later, a man from Oregon responded by calling to discuss Carisma. After an inspection and few more calls, he offered me full asking price. Yesterday, he flew into town, met me at the bank and paid in cash.

Then I let go.

I let Carisma go … not without tears, but knowing that I did what was best, knowing that having strong faith pays physical, emotional and spiritual dividends. And though it took strong faith to sell her, my faith continues to deepen and grow as I continue to watch my invisible “knowing” become reality. I encourage you, when you “know” what to do, let any doubt go—whether it’s yours or other people’s. Be confident in your knowing—it feels GREAT.

For your viewing pleasure, I hope you enjoy the video, made during my last joyride with Carisma.

What’s your story? Are you surrounded by doubters? Have you stepped out in faith? Please share with us, so we may grow in faith and willpower together …

Always with Love,

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