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Although much has been said about the importance of “living life” to the fullest, what does that really mean?

All too often, “living life to the fullest” might be defined by how much we “do.” Certainly, doing can be fun! But can we enjoy life without “doing” something to it? In today’s article, we’ll explore a simple and free way to live life to the fullest, regardless of what we “do.”

A do-do-do …

Like the lyrics to the song by The Police, we often “do, do, do” until we “da, da, da!” By “doing” for our jobs, families, have-to-do’s, want-to-do’s, need-to-do’s and follow-throughs, we may feel exhausted, overwhelmed and even lonely! We might simply long for a moment in our own good company!

Do and die

Doing, doing, doing can be a disease. We may feel like no matter how much we do, it’s never enough! Even after we work a 40-hour week, volunteer at the soup kitchen, wash the laundry, clean the house, care for family, etc., there are still so many things we might think we “should do.” In all the busyness, we may not take time to recharge, “do” for ourself or “just be.” NOT doing, however, is vital to our state of mind–it replenishes and refreshes us. If we mistakenly believe that “down time” means that we aren’t accomplishing anything, we need only research sites such as WebMD and the like, to learn about the physical, emotional and mental effects of overwork and stress. It can shorten our lifespan a little or a lot! NOT DOING makes for a longer and more enjoyable life!!!

There’s nothing missing in life as it is

Life goes on, with or without our physical presence. It is not “helped” by what we “do” or “don’t.” Although our contributions are important and can affect many people and things, when our ego begins to believe that life cannot “do” without us, we best keep it “in check” by reminding ourselves that everything can, and will, go on without us.

Life cannot be more beautiful or more enjoyable or more of anything until we change our perspective and allow it to be so. Life is not missing beauty or joy or any of the “things” that we might believe. Life has it ALL. It is we that are missing the perspective that allows us to accept and receive. For more free information on learning to receive more, https://www.willyou.guru/receiving-lifes-gifts/

From “doing” to “being”

Instead of defining ourself by what we “do,” and limiting our joy, there is a deeper, more meaningful, peaceful and productive way to live. It’s often called “being.” As strange as it may sound, if we choose to make the leap from “doing” to “being,” Life supports us by sharing in the “workload” of whatever it is we may “do.” This might look like accepting a project that requires 45 volunteers, having none, and then being approached by a man in the grocery store who says that he manages a business of 2500 employees and would like to support the cause by sending volunteers.

Life supports and affirm our beliefs. When we change our perspective and redefine ourself as “being” principles and characteristics, like honest, respectful, supportive and kind, we open ourself to receiving help from Life on the “doing” part. When we define ourselves as “doers,” Life supports us by giving us tasks with little, no, or unqualified help. Either way, Life affirms that what we believe about ourself is true.

Principles of Being

If you’re ready to “be” more than you “do”, if you’re ready to give yourself a break from shouldering “the weight of the world,” and let Life share the load with you, consider taking this first step …

1) Choose one principle to stand by, no matter what.
It might be respect, honesty, willingness, kindness, or some other principle of your choice.
(Add more principals later, if you choose.)

2) Before you “do” anything, STOP and ASK, “Is this action (insert your principle here–for example “respectful”) to all involved, including me?”

Often, the answer will be “No.” That “to do” item may then be eliminated completely or revised to reflect your principle(s).
You may find that you are “doing” less physically, but “being” more purposeful, more intentional, and more aware of the interplay between you, others, your environment and Life! And that will bring you more joy!

You Can

If you doubt that you can change, “do” less and “be” more, don’t believe everything you think. I assure you, that you can do whatever you set your mind and heart to! To learn more about focusing your willpower and knowing that you CAN, click here to read a free article on willpower here https://www.willyou.guru/we-all-have-willpower/

What say ye?

What are you willing to “be” in order to live a fuller, more joyful life? Please share your thoughts and feelings, that we may grow in strength, courage and willpower together …

Always with Love,


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