a view of the thin, side view of a bright green leaf. with a large water droplet on the end with reflective green through it. and the word Resurrection


If we feel like we’re “stuck,” getting the “short end of the stick” or simply don’t like the life we’re living, this may be the perfect moment to “get down” with our old, “bad” self and say goodbye. Could there be a new “us” waiting … hoping that we’ll rise up and live again? In […]

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women in grassy field with red hair with big curls wearing a long flowing royal blue gown with part of the gown flying out of sides of gown with dark storm clouds behind her


While inspiring people to become empowered, I’ve heard many stories about how fear limits joy. When we can’t seem to find the life in our life, fear is often why! In today’s article, we’ll look at whether our fears are actually true … and how we can let some go to experience more joy. The […]

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For more information on empowerment and willpower, LIKE https://www.facebook.com/willyouguru/ Has life hit you upside the head? No doubt it has at some point! Life certainly can throw some punches: illness, angst, natural disasters, toxic food and water, presidents who tout their desecration of women and world, war-enthusiasts and death—just to name a few. Through my work […]

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Temptation can be a nearly irresistible thrill that creates a lifestyle like a rollercoaster. One minute we’re “up,” with the excitement that comes with being tempted and taking in temptation, and the next minute we are at the bottom of that sick feeling in our gut and the regret in our heart for having done […]

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Whether we owe a little or a lot, debt weight may be common, but certainly not carefree to carry. In today’s world, debt shows itself everywhere—from our nation to our neighbors, and seems “normal.” Google stats show America currently has over 20 trillion dollar debt and the “average American household” owes nearly $135 thousand dollars. […]

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In today’s era of personal growth junkies, the saying “look within” is as common as “yoga” and “meditation.” But how can we start “looking” for something we’ve never seen? In today’s article, we’ll explore the five personal gates we can open in order to clearly look and learn about ourselves, then share tips on “easy […]

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