Did we make a resolution this year? Maybe we thought about it. Maybe it seemed like too much work. Maybe the last time we made one we failed, so we decided to quit while we were “ahead” and not make one at all. Resolutions are infamous for not working. So much so, that many of […]

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Sometimes, it’s the simple “little” things that create great-big change. One of my favorite women in the world, Lady Jane, is a capital “P” for powerhouse. By no means a “wilting Wanda,” this 5-foot-tall-size-zero, dons eyes like an eagle—assessing and finessing every situation for maximum potential. She knows how to make everyone feel appreciated and […]

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Each of us has fallen off our own applecart and done something we regret. One of the best ways to get back on track and strengthen our willpower is to know how to truly apologize to ourself and others, with our whole heart. Willpower fail It’s hard when we mess up and need to apologize. […]

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We’ve all felt pity for ourselves and others at some point. The story sounds something like this, “Look how hard my life is! How much I do and suffer! Hear me sigh; I am downtrodden. The sign I wear at my chest reads, ‘Will work for pity,’ can I get an ‘Awww! I’ve got it […]

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Are you pleased with YOURSELF (in a good way)? Sound crazy? Well read on to discover how inner-appreciation can be an antidote to addiction … Why wait to be appreciated by someone else? Although others may not appreciate you or what you do, what is most important (and what we’re left with at the end […]

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Independence: Be Free or Not too Free! Is the American Way of freedom the right to indulge our cravings? “Hey!” we might say, “I work hard, I’ve had a hard day and I deserve it!” “I can spend money on what I want, eat until I bust, drink until I’m numb, and take whoever I […]

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