WHAT DO YOU WANT??-In Search of the Truth-PART 3 of 3

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmivKyEY1Dk WHAT DO YOU WANT??-Part 3 of 3-In Search of the Truth This is the third of a three-part series entitled, “In Search of the Truth.” Part One shed light upon the most relevant inner truths we need to know—‘who we are’ and ‘what we want.’ Part Two provided easy ways to learn more about […]

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WHO ARE YOU??-In Search of the Truth-PART 2 of 3

TO READ PART 1 of WHO ARE YOU?? TRUTH OR SNARE go to:  http://www.willyou.guru/truth-or-snare-part-1-of-2/ The second of this three-part series entitled, “In Search of the Truth,” is about knowing the true you. How well do any of us know ourselves? And do we like what we know? Could we know and like ourselves more? What would […]

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TRUTH OR SNARE?-In Search of the Truth-PART 1 of 2

TO READ WHO ARE YOU? PART 2 of 2 GO TO:  http://www.willyou.guru/who-are-you-part-2-of-2/ Over the past three weeks, we’ve discussed the painful effects of untruth in all its forms: denial, pretending, avoidance and half-truths. After reviewing all the disastrous results: low self-esteem, unfulfilling relationships, heartbreak, family problems, etc., it would seem that truth-telling would be a better […]

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