Do You Abandon Yourself for “Love?”

* for articles on empowerment, LIKE During Valentine’s week, our hope for love can be heightened—so much so that we might abandon what we know is best for us for the sake of steamy, hot … “chocolate.” In my work to inspire people to kick their deadbeat habits to the curb, I’ve consistently seen that […]

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Pretend Power

My sweet and sometimes sinister young mentee called this week, bursting to share the joy of her “healthiest relationship ever.” After ten years of hearing stories and mentoring her through fear and disempowerment, she sounded surprisingly solid. She went on to exclaim, “We tell each other everything now! We’ve gotten past that big hurdle. You […]

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Weddings, White Lies and Willpower

Weddings All of sunny yesterday, I flitted furiously over a freshly-mown field, setting the ‘rustic yet elegant’ décor for a friend’s wedding. After already having given countless hours ordering, meeting, delivering and directing—before the 15 hour wedding-day-workday, I was totally spent. Weddings are as lovely as they are challenging. For those of you who have […]

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Loving by Giving

In her early days, my mom was the queen of loving by giving. Like many mothers, she was happiest when she knew that everyone around her was happy. Mom’s kitchen Mom liked to bake, and her bounty was my reward for walking home after school. I didn’t mind the two-mile walk, except for during the […]

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Unconditional Love is not a Welcome Mat

Loving our self unconditionally, frees us to love others in healthy ways! Unconditional love: what is it, what does it look like and how can we give it without getting walked on? Love, love everywhere and not a drop to drink. Love is such a vast topic. Love is like water, we depend on it […]

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Truth, Lies and Love

When we love ourself, we speak truth. There is no need to lie to get what we want, because we are what we want. When we do not love ourself, we perceive ourself as “not enough” just as we are, and lie to compensate. When we lie, we don’t allow people to love our truthful […]

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