Healing our “Inner Engine”

              *for more articles on empowerment, LIKE htpps://www.facebook.com/willyouguru/ Allowing ourselves to heal–from whatever ails us, can be easier said than done. Whether we’re aching from the pain of what was, is, isn’t, or might be coming, any feelings and/or belief in brokenness tend to draw us to seek relief. […]

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Do You Abandon Yourself for “Love?”

* for articles on empowerment, LIKEhttps://www.facebook.com/willyouguru/ During Valentine’s week, our hope for love can be heightened—so much so that we might abandon what we know is best for us for the sake of steamy, hot … “chocolate.” In my work to inspire people to kick their deadbeat habits to the curb, I’ve consistently seen that […]

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