Young brown haired boy holding paper over mouth with cartoon drawn mouth


We’ve all heard someone say positive words while internally sensing that the person is thinking and/or feeling the opposite. This disconnect between internal thoughts and feelings and external words and actions leads to mixed messages and mistrust from listeners. When we’re afraid of what we think or feel, we may cover it up with positive […]

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winnie the pooh in forest with words doing nothing often leads to the very best something


As Winnie the Pooh said, “Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something.” Not to be confused with laziness—doing “nothing” is simply being in an unstressed state of experiencing life. In this unstressed state (not-mindless-yet-not-thinking), we allow ourselves to be open and receive what’s known as intuition and divine guidance. In today’s article, […]

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young boy in striped shirt and jeans knees up and arms raised and out sitting up on a large tree trunk


If we’re going through or recovering from trauma or stress, life can feel overwhelming and like “too much” to handle. As a coach for willpower and empowerment, I’m familiar with many ways to heal, and one of the most highly-effective and inexpensive methods is nature. In today’s article, we’ll take a look at ways we […]

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Four boys standing on a waterfall each throwing water over their heads out of buckets, leaving arcs of water spray swirling over their heads


Most of us come into this world with an intrinsic ability to have fun. We can see it when we watch kids play with water and just about everything! If somewhere along adulthood we fell out of love with life, this article offers lighthearted ways for us to reunite with our old flame and have […]

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women standing in field holding up her arms with her hands making a heart around a sunset the words all the answers are within you


In today’s era of personal growth junkies, the saying “look within” is as common as “yoga” and “meditation.” But how can we start “looking” for something we’ve never seen? In today’s article, we’ll explore the five personal gates we can open in order to clearly look and learn about ourselves, then share tips on “easy […]

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feet in front frame wearing jeans and converse basketball shoes and field and trees in background with words rest and leisure reclaiming what's lost


        If your week has been as challenging as mine, you are ready for some rest. Sunday is a great day to recharge. For me, the healthiest way to “power up”, take a “rest from stress” and reconnect to truth, love, beauty and joy is through “otium sanctum” or “holy leisure”—the topic […]

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